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Dance as a spiritual discipline is an ancient practice that’s been explored by many cultures throughout the ages. Chakradance, a new healing dance practice, takes this tradition into the 21st century. There are no set steps and you dance as if no one is watching, to chakra specific dance music in a sacred space.
Creator, Natalie Southgate, describes it as ”dreaming with your feet”, and explains the experience and how it’s good for your soul… Read More



Nancy Mintzer

Licensed Chakradance Facilitator

Why I Chose to become a Chakradance™ Facilitator

   Chakradance™ invites one to look deeper within for self-discovery and healing. As an energy worker, I was amazed at the deep healing and transformation that I experienced & continue to experience with each session. The chakradance™ experience has opened my mind, heart, & soul to the infinite possibilities the wondrous ways that we can choose to live our lives!


  Knowing why we feel the way we do, why certain things trigger us, why we keep finding ourselves in repetitive cycles…this knowing of why...helps us to understand the how.

 How these feelings and emotions became a part of us. Each chakradance has its own unique visualization & chakra specific music that will open our path of transformational healing. Creating space to live our lives authentically.


What others are saying about Chakradance...

  "I truly enjoyed the Chakadance class.  Nancy really made the class feel welcoming and comfortable.  It took a little bit of time for me to warm up to the thought of dancing in front of a group of people I didn't know.  However, once I got started and felt more relaxed I just let go, truly let go...I felt free, free to move my body the way I felt it needed and wanted to be moved.  I haven't moved like that in quite some time, to tell you the truth, I can not remember when I moved my body this way since having kids.  I felt confident and comfortable in my own skin.  I felt my body let go of all the worries and anxiety I had and just felt so light and completely carefree.  The whole experience was uplifting and utterly magical, and I would certainly recommend anyone to try this class. Thank you Nancy, I will never forget this experience. " Vonnie, Berks County Pa.


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