Why I Facilitate Chakradance™

   Chakradance™ invites one to look deeper within for self-discovery and healing. As an energy worker, I was amazed at   the deep healing and transformation that I experienced & continue to experience with each session. The chakradance™   experience has opened my mind, heart, & soul to the infinite possibilities of all the wondrous ways that we can choose   to live our lives!


  Knowing why we feel the way we do, why certain things trigger us, why we keep finding ourselves in repetitive cycles…   this knowing of why...helps us to understand the how.

 How these feelings and emotions became a part of us.

 As we work through these realizations, we begin the process of harmonizing our mind, body & soul. We also realize that   we and only we are responsible for transforming our lives into the reality that we dream of.

“Fascinating insights into the effect of movement on chakras … and a wonderful experience.” Deepak Chopra  

“Thank you so much for the great gift of Chakradance.” Tami Simon (Founder of Sounds True)