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Inamojo Rebranding to
Chakradance Kids
Namiko & the Storm Wave
Learning to Manage Emotions.
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  Chakradance Kids weaves original music and stories with mindful practices such as meditation, breath awareness, expressive movement and art.  This wellbeing program nurtures children on inner journeys of self-inquiry, self- discovery and self-awareness. Creating a sense of peace and authenticity.

  Chakradance Kids is based on the eastern integrative ‘map’ of the chakra system, together with Jungian psychology and a variety of contemporary Early Childhood Development theories. These foundations underpin and drive the key developmental themes in each class: trusting instincts; emotional expression; self-esteem; compassion; communication; intuition and imagination; and self-awareness.

     Class Curriculum

Week 1

aloka & the wolf

Week 2

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Week 3

Takeo & the Sunstone

Week 4

Meraki & the Troll

Week 5

Kyoshi & the Magical Song

Week 6

Katami & the Star Seed

Week 7

Paiku's Golden Wings

Week 8

nagas dance party
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