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Svadhisthana-Sacral Chakra

The dance of the sacral chakra invites us to let go & create flow. This flow is what connects us energetically with all things. We are constantly moving through a world in motion, surrounded by constant change.  It is time to step into your natural flow, embracing the changes that move us forward,

Location: Just below navel                                        Age of Resonance: 7-14

Crystals:  Carnelian, moonstone & coral                 Color:  Orange

The Sacral Chakra's element is water. It governs emotions, creativity, sensuality & desire.

Maintaining a healthy sacral chakra through movement will help free repressed emotions, reducing chronic stress. create a greater sense of stability and overall wellbeing.

 Sacral Chakra specific music combines the sound of waves and Middel Eastern instruments. The movement is like an ancient belly dance, sensual and freeing.

sacral chakra symbol
orange sunrise
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