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Winter Solstice-Finding Inner Peace

As autumn slowly fades, I find myself succumbing to the early darkness. I feel more deeply the heaviness of the night. My body reminding me of my age, with each creaking of my joints. I long to frolic in the summer sun.

The imbalance of night and day brings to reality a change in routine. The dinner dishes are done, leaving us in the dark. Outdoor evening activities may decrease. We may turn on the TV or read earlier than usual. We may tend to become more sedentary. These are subtle messages encouraging us to slow down, take pause. Winter solstice is a time for reflection and self-care. Solstice comes from the Latin words Sol and Sistere…Sol meaning “sun” and Sistere to “stand still”. At the peak of the solstice, the sun stands still for an instant before turning around & continuing its journey.

As I sat gazing at the moon, my thoughts were anything but still. All the could haves, would haves & should haves create a sense of unrest. Amid the unrest, gentle illuminous moonbeams casually infused my being, bringing a fleeting sense of calm and peace. It is in that instant I sensed my connection to something greater than myself. That something has many names, Universe. Higher Consciousness. Collective Consciousness. The Higher Good. Source. God. Creator. Creatrix. Whatever resonates with you, this is where you will find your inner peace.

It is often in nature that I experience these moments of serenity. The undeniable truth, that yes, I am a part of all this. Perhaps you have felt this too, that moment when the strength of the earth surges up through the soles of your feet, your body abuzz with energy; or the rhythmic sounds of the ocean resonate with your own heart; it can be as simple as birdsong lilting in the breeze or the beauty of a rainbow. In the stillness of that moment, you think anything is possible. I have attempted to cling to these moments, lest they slip away, and I am once again filled with self-doubt & uncertainty.

What I've come to realize is that a moment is just that “a moment”… an instant in our life that is there & just as quick -is gone. Yet in that instant an energetic impression is created. It is this impression that we should embrace. What is the message? Is there a lesson unfolding for you? Is there affirmation of the dreams you hold? Or the current path you are on?

By stepping into your truth & trusting your intuition, you will find the guidance that is needed to begin co-creating more of these impressions in your life. One of my favorite quotes by Tony Robbins is “Where focus goes, energy flows.” Our thoughts are a continuous flow of energy. We can choose which ones we will embrace.

This takes discipline and practice to some extent. However you will come to find, when you are living from your truth, everything generally falls into place. Miracles begin to happen.

Start the new year with a new habit. A habit that will increase your awareness of all the endless possibilities; one that will bring a new perspective; one that will create a space for authenticity. In this space you will find the strength in your voice, honest expression without fear of judgment.

In the northern hemisphere it is the winter solstice, a time where the earth becomes quiet, restorative as it prepares for new growth in the spring. In the southern hemisphere it is the summer solstice when the earth begins to show off all that it has planted and nourished for this moment. Are you ready to plant your seeds of intention for co-creating healthy supportive moments in 2023?

As you settle into the long of the evening, create a space for reflection; perhaps a cup of tea, a warm fire or candlelight. Think of those moments of connectedness…the impressions they left. What were you doing? Where were you? Were there any lasting messages or thoughts?

Take note of all you have accomplished the past 6 months. Are you where you want to be? What is it you want to expand on? What more do you dare hope for? What has held you back from fulfilling your desires? Each reflection will bring a new awareness of what needs to be embraced & what needs to be release.

As you continue this ritual, you will become more in tuned with your inner wisdom. You will trust your intuition and you will feel the support & guidance of something greater than yourself. You will find time to stand still before venturing on.

Have the intention to really feel into future moments by making a quick note or voice memo on your phone, encouraging you to create time to come back to the message and see where it fits in your life.

As the moon purposely continues through its phases and the sun continues its journey back across the sky, feel a sense of knowing that all is as it should be in this moment.


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