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Reiki for 2

New Service at Bldg 7 Yoga 

A heart centered reiki session for couples, friends & family!

Call/text to schedule.

Nancy Mintzer- 610-463-8701

Peace n Reiki Creating Space for Authenticity
nancy mintzer
superpower hour

Children's Well-being Classes

   A series of classes created to help children navigate daily challenges, by bringing awareness to feelings & emotions. Through interactive stories and art. they will have the opportunity to discover their inner superpowers.

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be"

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  Reiki is beneficial in providing a sense of wellbeing on both a personal and professional level.  It introduces a sense of total relaxation; It encourages a look inward without judgement. Reiki provides clarity, offers new perspectives and courage to step forward.
   Taking the first step, not knowing if it is the right step... can be overwhelming. Step forward with an open mind and the intention to be flexible. Step forward, creating your own path of re-discovery & purpose.                                                                       

It is important to find a modality and practitioner that resonates with you, where you are today and where you envision yourself tomorrow. 

Start creating a-peaceful-life today!

*30 minute in person, phone or zoom
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