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nancy mintzer collage

   Nancy brings the overall connectedness of mind, body and spirit into her sessions, creating space for authentic living. 
   Working with one's energies opens many possibilities. When you become mindfully curious about who you are & why you are , you then have the key to the freedom of living authentically. You will begin to live a life aligned with clarity of purpose & integrity. You will begin to know and feel your worth. You will trust your inner voice. You will tap into the collective wisdom that will enable you to have courage to step forward, away from the familiar, yet unsupportive patterns in your life. It is a process. With discipline, practice, and guidance, you will begin to feel a new level of confidence and freedom. Infinite possibilities of living a life of peace and purpose will find you.
   Nancy received her Reiki Certifications from Reiki Master Susan Drey, from Pennsylvania Center for Intuitive Studies. In addition to being a Certified Reiki Master, Nancy is also an accredited facilitator for Chakradance™, a healing movement modality, founded by Natalie Southgate, Meditation Guide, Circle Leader & IFTT Certified Thought Coach, founded by Ora Nardrich. She has created SuperPower Hour, a wellbeing program for children. 
Nancy has a deep connection to energies and cycles of nature and their connectiveness to our personal journey of self-growth & purpose. She uses her experiences to listen and mentor others on their path of rediscovery and purpose. 
Nancy enjoys time with her family, which includes 7 grandchildren. You will often find Nancy outdoors, walking, hiking biking & kayaking. She likes to capture the beauty of all seasons with poetry & photography.

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