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White Sand and Stone

Reiki for Mind Body & Soul



    Reiki is a deep relaxation technique, inviting mind, body and soul to rest as one.

  As a certified Reiki Master, I will gently hold space, for the intuitive flow of universal energy.

  Selfcare includes taking time to reconnect with your inner wisdom, showing gratitude for yourself & cultivating self-compassion.

             $60/ 1 hr. Session

             $85/ 1-1/2 hr. Session               



* Deep Relaxation

* Self-Discovery & Compassion
* Reduce Stress & Anxiety
* Aids in Natural Healing Processes

* Complements Other Healing Modalities
* Sense of Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing
* Promotes Harmony & Balance
* May Reduce side-effects from medications, chemotherapy, anesthesia
* Clarity in Discernment -making choices aligned with purpose

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