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Nancy Mintzer Reiki Master
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Reiki Master Certification


Reiki Certification

Marci F.

Berks County PA

 I met Nancy by chance at a time I was looking for "what's next".   Her passion, love and knowledge for Reiki intrigued me and I wanted to know more.  She is a true and authentic energy healer.

Reiki Certifications Received: 

Reiki 1 and 2 were both in a small group setting.

Reiki 3 was an individual experience.

Both were educational, meaningful and impacted my journey immensely.

Reiki has impacted my life in such an important way. It has helped shift my way of thinking and has given me the ability to provided energy healing to myself and those in my life.​

Janine M,

Berks County PA

Nancy's energy is so genuine and pure.She truly understands the dynamics of reiki energy and the connection to source.

Reiki Certifications Received:

Level 2 and Masters 

I have studied and practiced reiki for many years, but I mainly wanted to get certified to heal and ascend within my own heart Nancy made that experience so memorable and calm.  Reiki has shown me to love, honor and be patient with myself and to trust in the power of source; and that no matter what happens we are protected and loved.

Chakradance Reviews

Brenda S.

Berks County Pa

"I am glad I came today, I feel so much lighter than when I got here. It's amazing just how my head feels so much more open. Thank you"


Berks County Pa

"Thank you, Nancy, beautiful heart opening chakradance today!" - M.G., Berks County Pa.


Berks County Pa

"Thank you! I really wasn't sure what to expect...I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed today, It was relaxing and enlightening."


Berks County PA

"I truly enjoyed the Chakadance class.  Nancy really made the class feel welcoming and comfortable.  It took a little bit of time for me to warm up to the thought of dancing in front of a group of people I didn't know.  However, once I got started and felt more relaxed I just let go, truly let go...I felt free, free to move my body the way I felt it needed and wanted to be moved.  I haven't moved like that in quite some time, to tell you the truth, I can not remember when I moved my body this way since having kids.  I felt confident and comfortable in my own skin.  I felt my body let go of all the worries and anxiety I had and just felt so light and completely carefree.  The whole experience was uplifting and utterly magical, and I would certainly recommend anyone to try this class. Thank you Nancy, I will never forget this experience. " 

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