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Chakradance™ Freedom Program 

Why I Chose to become a Chakradance™ Facilitator

Nancy Mintzer

Licensed Chakradance Facilitator

   Chakradance™ invites one to look deeper within for self-discovery and healing. As an energy worker, I was amazed at the deep healing and transformation that I experienced & continue to experience with each session. The chakradance™ experience has opened my mind, heart, & soul to the infinite possibilities the wondrous ways that we can choose to live our lives!

  Each chakradance has its own unique visualization & chakra specific music that will open our path of transformational healing. Creating space to live our lives authentically.


What others are saying about Chakradance...

"I am glad I came today,
 I feel so much lighter than when I got here. It's amazing just how my head feels so much more open. Thank you"- Brenda, Berks County PA.

"I truly enjoyed the Chakadance class.  Nancy really made the class feel welcoming and comfortable.  It took a little bit of time for me to warm up to the thought of dancing in front of a group of people I didn't know.  However, once I got started and felt more relaxed I just let go, truly let go...I felt free, free to move my body the way I felt it needed and wanted to be moved.  I haven't moved like that in quite some time, to tell you the truth, I can not remember when I moved my body this way since having kids.  I felt confident and comfortable in my own skin.  I felt my body let go of all the worries and anxiety I had and just felt so light and completely carefree.  The whole experience was uplifting and utterly magical, and I would certainly recommend anyone to try this class. Thank you Nancy, I will never forget this experience. " Vonnie, Berks County Pa.

"Thank you, Nancy,
beautiful heart opening chakradance today!" - M.G., Berks County Pa.

"Thank you! I really wasn't sure what to expect...I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed today, It was relaxing and enlightening." - Cate, Berks County Pa.

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