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Chakradance™ Freedom
Series Fall 2024

chakradance scarves_edited.jpg

The practice of Chakradance™ is all about truly finding ourselves. Releasing the masks we wear and rediscovering our most authentic self. As we reclaim the hidden parts of ourselves, our lives begin to change in the most beautiful and powerful ways. A fusion of Jungian Psychology, the chakras, spontaneous movement, and mandala art, Chakradance™ frees us from our past so that we can discover a life of freedom and flow.

We are energetic beings. Vibrational beings. We attract into our lives people, situations, experiences, etc, that match our vibrational frequency.  Every time we dance our chakras, we heal a little. We heal the next layer that has been lying unresolved, unprocessed, unexpressed. With each dance we change our vibrational frequency. We become lighter, clearer. As our frequency changes, we begin to attract in a new vibrational match. This may be new opportunities, or experiences or people.  This is one of the things I love most about Chakradance™. That it changes our lives!  It enables us to create the life we want.

There are 8 classes in total. The first class is an intro to Chakradance™ as we dance through all 7 chakras. The following classes focus on individual chakras, starting with the Root Chakra.

Pre-Registration is required. There will be a total of 8 spaces per class.

Cost: $20/class ~ $120/8 Class Series

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