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Peaceful Practice

Cultivating a peaceful culture sounds a little overwhelming. where does one start?

It starts with realizing that everyone, deep within is the same.Internally we all are, at our core, pure energy. It is the external circumstances that divide.

When a child first enters this world, everything is possible, they are fearless! They learn how to respond positively and negatively, through the reactions of their surroundings: family, nationality,religion, philosophies, schooling, These are the external elements that shape who we become. Each of us has or will wake up one need of "finding our self"

That need is your inner voice, your pure energy, guiding you to "your purpose" in life. That "purpose" is to generate and reflect gratitude in the present moment.

Present Moment is all we really have. However we do everything possible not to live in the now! We are worried or excited for the next day,next week, next vacation, etc. Or we like to relive the past, both joy and sorrow. Our pain body loves gets to rehash all the stress and chronic pain that we have spent a lifetime developing and fine tuning. If we turned all this off and focused on right now...what would happen?

I encourage each of you to sincerely take time some time this week to explore the present moment. Some of you may be very familiar with the now, please leave your words of encouragement to others. If you are new to this way of thought..know that you are not alone. It is a discipline to live in the moment. My own experience is that sometimes I am focused and able to be in the moment and other times I am not. But I can tell you, that the more you practice the easier it becomes.

Have a peaceful week. Look forward to hearing from you as we grow together in peace.

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