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Hi everyone!

I am excited to share my updated website with all of you! My Reiki journey has been deepening over the last few years. This past year I was fortunate to be introduced to Rachel Eskin as she began to realize her dream of opening the first Halo-therapy Salt Room in Berks County! She has created a beautiful space for all to begin their own journey of self care and well being.

It has been an honor to offer Reiki to so many of you. Reiki is first and foremost a deep relaxation technique, that allows one's mind, body & soul to rest all at once. This will help to reduce stress and anxiety and over time will transform your approach to stress.

You can schedule Reiki in the massage room or in the private salt room. I also host Meditation and Reiki Events in the main salt room.

Hope you enjoy my website, It will be updated periodically with events and special topics such as information about Chakras, Crystals, Meditation and more.

Peace and Light


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