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Dandelion Wishes Can Come True

Dandelions have a powerful story to share. Their brilliant color lights up a green lawn, an alleyway, a field. Even if you're about to mow the grass you cannot deny the beautiful energy that shines forth, & perhaps a glimpse of memories.

A dandelion, a child’s first independent gift to those they love, be it a parent, sibling, teacher, grandparent, or friend. Think back to your dandelion days. Perhaps you were a recipient of such a simple gift; feel the hint of joy that grows in your heart. This beautiful flower given so generously, so lovingly to you. Perhaps you can remember the feeling of pride and joy beaming from your heart as you gave this gift to someone. It is easy to forget how simple love is. We spend time defining it, looking for it & doubting it.

Close your eyes and make a wish, a wish for clarity of the mind and heart.

The dandelion is also a story of resiliency. Dandelion wishes sailing, unattached across the earth. Wherever they land, they know their purpose; they are here to bloom. Regardless of whether they are to be picked, go to seed or be mown. The imperative is to grow and give. Take moment to reflect upon your path; remember the why of what you are doing. Be clear on your intention, recognize distractions and have the courage to let go.

Close your eyes and make a wish, a wish for clarity of self and purpose.

The dandelion is resourceful, every part is useful – roots, leaves, flower. Yet, as a whole, it is often overlooked. Think of the many gifts you have to offer, tangible and intangible. How are they showing up in your day? Are they being offered intentionally? Are you hesitant? Are you unsure? Bring awareness to what feels authentic to you. Where your focus goes, intention will follow. Use your gifts in a way that empower you to grow into your purpose.

Close your eyes and make a wish, a wish for clarity of gifts and understanding

of self-worth.

A dandelion has many life cycles throughout the season, each cycle resembles the celestial bodies, a reminder of the natural order in all living things. The yellow flower resembles the sun, provides nourishment and light. The puffball resembles the phases of the moon, from full to new. Wispy seeds, resemble stars scattered across the sky.

You are a part of this cycle as well. You nourish those around you with your love and care. Your energetic body will ebb and flow with the phases of the moon. Your acts of kindness are the seeds of inspiration and wisdom you offer to others.

Close your eyes and make a wish, a wish for awareness of your inner wisdom.

Take time each day to feel the natural cycle of being. Create a nature space in your home or office. Bring in memories of a time you felt close to the earth. Perhaps a seashell found along a beach, a pinecone or rock that caught your eye. Feel into the sensations, have the intention to be aware of your place, your purpose, now in this moment and every moment.

Now is the time to see into your heart, to hear your true voice. Now is the time to believe.

Close your eyes and make a wish.



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